20.2 5 Limited Edition Original Prints for Sale / by Ilsa Melchiori


I'm not great drawing by hand. Everyone just assumes that I am because I went to Art School. However its honestly always been something I had to work hard at. As a result, whenever I was planning a new sculpture or design I had to come up with other ways of visually displaying my ideas, these techniques included photography, and collage. Over time I grew to really love collage as an art form in its own right and found myself hoarding old magazines, books, flyers (even scraps of wrapping paper) in order to use them for collaging at a later date.

With 90% of my work/creative life now done in front of a screen I really cherish the process of cutting and pasting by hand.

I will be releasing a limited edition print run of some of my favourite recent collages. These will be available for sale in A4 and A3 sizes from the online shop at the I Am Ilsa Melchiori Facebook page. Numbers will be limited, so if you are interested get in quick!

Limited Edition For Sale

Limited Edition For Sale