20.1 Friday Favourites: My 10 Current Favourite Youtubers / by Ilsa Melchiori


Today's Friday Favourites is all about the ever-growing YouTube monster. Below are a few of my current favourite creators. Enjoy!


1.  Helen Anderson What to expect: an alternative/creative take on YouTube classics. Helen's best content comes from when she is being true to herself and lets her creative freak flag fly. Love, love, love her spin on things.

2.  Lily Pebbles What to expect: beauty/make up videos, vlogs, but most importantly zero pretension! Lily is known primarily for her beauty content, which I love, however the reason she is one of my favourites is for her vlogs. There is just something so very relatable about her for me. It's a bit like watching myself (is that weird?).

3.  Lauren Toyota What to expect: What I eat in a day videos they are actually believable. Whether you are vegan, or like me, a hardcore carnivore, Lauren shows that cooking is about playing around and experimenting.

4.  Fleur de Force What to expect: all you YouTube beauty and style favourites done with class. Fleur was one of the first YouTuber's I found. She has been making videos for her channel for around 9 years nows, yet somehow her content always feels fresh. She always seems to be coming up with new video ideas/takes on old videos. Her real-time hauls are fantastic!


5.  Claire Marshell What to expect: beautiful/different beauty and style content. Claire's videos are beautifully crafted works of art. She has a unique style and voice which translates amazingly to film.

6.  Melanie Murphy What to expect: Piercing green eyes and a mesmerizing Irish accent. Melanie covers a range of 'taboo' topics from periods, to acne, body image and sex. She is that funny friend I want to get drunk with and talk about girl stuff.


7.  Victoria aka IntheFrow

What to expect: style videos, make up tutorials, hauls, expensive shoes. Victoria has a PhD in fashion marketing from the University of Manchester. She knows her stuff. Huge high-end fashion lover.

8.  Lex Croucher What to expect: books, vegan beauty and sarcasm. I just believe that Lex is exactly the same in real life and that makes me so very happy.

9.  Nikki Limo What to expect: Tasty Tuesday; where she tries to cook, lots of puns & (great) bad jokes. There is something hugely satisfying about watching someone try to do something they know might fail. She tries so very hard, and 'sometimes it works'.

10.  Jen aka Clothesencounters What to expect: Style videos with a really high production quality. Jen has a slightly off beat style, she loves a great vintage find. Her style videos are some of the best (and  some of my favourite) on YouTube. Also worth a look are her vlogs featuring her BF and adorable puppy called Cheeky.

Who are some of your favourite YouTube creators or favourite Youtube channels?

All images sourced from creators Instagram accounts.