12.9 Stop Motion / by Ilsa Melchiori


Despite what you think when you are younger, you will never stop learning. There is never this magical point in your life when you become an 'adult' and suddenly know everything you need to know. Personally, I seek out learning. I love to develop new skills and ways of thinking/working.


Which brings me to today's post. I was recently given a project whereby I had to create a 1 min stop motion animation. Video production and the editing programs that come with it have never been a strong point of mine. I peaked at iMovie. Despite this, I have always loved video content, especially with all the amazing YouTube creators currently online, and I was still determined to find a way to make content that suited me.


Stop Motion is when you take many, many still images and edit them together to create the effect that something is moving, hopefully in a semi-fluid manner. The clip linked below is my first attempt at a stop motion animation (so please be kind). I tried to merge my love of collage with the process to bring normally static collage images to life.